After writing letters to the controlling authority of the state under PSARA, the local police station which had jurisdiction of society & the DSP office ( ), we decided to collect proof so that the police will believe us.

DAY 1 – 09.12.2021

My team consisted of the landlord and a few Flatandflatmates Ahmedabad SOS members.

We successfully curated a piece of evidence. A call recording.

Ankur, the “employee cum supervisor” admitted they did wrong in taking cash job of providing “security”. He knew guards were provided but feigned memory loss on what was the job description.

No Boss Name, Some Singh Sahab. No address given.

DAY 2 – 10.12.2021

The physical address of the security agency on internet is not updated yet. After finding out the new address, we paid them a visit.

The security agency was licensed and had branches. The owner of the agency was a well-behaved and well-informed man. 

But, they were surprised. They did not know of any “Ankur” working for them. Neither did they have any information about the security guards hired to keep tenant girls out of society.

He told us the legal procedure to hire security guards is: On the letterhead of the chairman of the society, there must be reasons mentioned to provide guards to the society. The letter must be given to the agency in writing with the stamp of society.

We again called Ankur. He gave us an address. But when we reacher his shop, it was shut. Ankur had fled the scene. 


18. Disclosure of information to unauthorised person.— (2) All private security guards of a private security agency shall render necessary assistance to the police or to such authority in the process of any investigation pertaining to the activities of that agency.

The office was not available on google, maps, PSARA website. There was no nameplate/board above the shop.

12. Licence to be exhibited.—Every private security agency shall exhibit its licence or copy thereof in a conspicuous place of its business.

They are not a registered private agency under PSARA. They are manpower suppliers. In other words, muscle power/goons for cash.

Persons or Private Security Agency, must not engage or provide Private Security Guard without License. Section 4 of the Act clearly states that no person will carry on or commence the business unless he holds a license issued under this PSARA act to have a private security agency.

Ankur and his boss are either misusing the name of Group 7 security agency or using a different spelling to protect themselves. Eg: Groop 7. 

We kept a watch on their shop, found out their timings. They only open between 4-5 pm for some time, if it’s a preplanned meeting.

All the registered agencies names are available on the PSARA website. They were not part of this list.

But the fact remains that they are not a registered agency. And the hide and seek behavior casts strong doubts on their business. And the locals of the city (society) who hired them, to keep female students out of their “area”.

To this date, there is no productive action from any police station. But that’s a different story, a different blog.

Part 3:

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