Law & Architecture Workshop

Law & Architecture Workshop

A lot of obstacles can be removed by the magic mop of law!

Intellectual Property Rights, Liabilities of an Architect are questions that come later on. The first question is, are you even an architect? The answers are in the 2 hours workshop.

Someday an architect or a student will have the ambition to go abroad and study or start practicing with a good startup but here comes the first obstacle – Humans.

This workshop ensures that you know about good practices and legal solutions in everyday life to sidestep disputes or financial pitfalls (Example: No agreement, No salary in your last month).

Is your design even yours? You need to prove it and right from the beginning but how?

A large number of architects or designers lack the knowledge to protect and enforce IP rights in their building designs. Most of the countries have now modified their laws to meet the requirements of the Berne Convention with regard to the copyright protection for architectural works. But there is a world of innovation waiting under the trademark of buildings.

Legal Advice: Learn the basics of relevant laws for yourself and focus on your goal without being afraid of the legal loop de loops life will put you through.

Key Takeaways –

– Legally an “Architect”

– Intellectual Property

– Liabilities of an Architect

– Good Practices and Solutions

-Relevant Laws

Fee per student: INR 101/-
Mode: Online
Eligibility: Open to all architecture students and professionals

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