After writing letters to the controlling authority of the state under PSARA, the local police station which had jurisdiction of society & the DSP office, we decided to collect proof so that the police will believe us.


06.12.2021 Letter posted & emailed to relevant Police Stations:

  1. The Police Commissioner Office, Shahibaug, Ahmedabad.
  1. Society Jurisdiction:
    Police Inspector
    Adalaj Police Station 5H9F+F3Q, Adalaj, Gujarat 382421
  2. DSP Office
    Sector 27, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382028
  3. Controlling Authority, PSARA (Unregistered private security agency)
    Narasimha Komar, IPS
    Controlling Authority & Addl. DG of Police (Law & Order), Gujarat State 1st Floor, Police Bhavan, Sector-18, Gandhinagar 382007 


10.12.2021 DETECTIVE GIRI DAY 2 

location of agency in issue

Proof collected. Time to write some more letters.

11.12.2021 Letter posted & emailed to relevant Police Stations after Day 2 of Investigation:

  1. Unregistered Private Security Agency Jursidiction:
    Law Garden Police Choki, Near bank Of baroda, Samartheshwar Mahadev Road, Navrangpura, NCC Chowk, Maharashtra Society, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009
  2. Mahila Police Station, Gandhinagar
    PI Manisha Puvar, Sector 16, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382016


After 20 days, I received a call from Adalaj Police Station at 18:37 hours (Constable Ankit). At 19:17 hours, I called him back and he asked me to come to Adalaj Police Station to give my statement. 

I confirmed to him that I am neither a witness nor a victim. The complainant in the letter, the landlord has visited Adalaj Police Station for statements, again & again, with the same story, every time.

I had written the letter jointly with the landlord, as a third party, asking about the status of the investigation. Asking about, what did the police do?

All material facts were produced in the 1st letter along with a copy of the newspaper carrying photographs of the incident and the statement of the complainant.

I am glad that they called me. Why they wanted my statement, under what section they wanted my statement, is a mystery to me, me being neither a witness nor a complainant.

I told him I will send the complainant instead but he did not want him to come.

So, I decided not to go directly to the police station. 

Ashish Bhatia, IPS  is DGP of Gujarat. I wrote to him and sent a copy to Adalaj Police Station & the Superintendent Of Police Gandhinagar.

Contents of my letter:


It has been 26 days today. 

I have to assume that the letters were forgotten, somewhere in a pile of other complaints of routine human rights violations, minor as compared to murder, rape etc.

चलता है यार, थोड़ा adjust कर ले 

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