Everyday, I see new posts asking for help or accusing landlords or brokers or PG Owners, the information may be true or false, but the question is, why are all other sources of help locked down?… …Listing of the properties on rent, area-wise and removing the burden of rental disputes from civil courts, removing the barrier of delay providing economic feasibility and increasing ease of living vis-a-vis attractiveness of the city’s education and medical hub, career opportunities and rental income. This law will help overcome the non-existence of model bye-laws. More on the ideal draft law here:

A cybercrime complaint has been lodged immediately. Blog coming up – How to check your Aadhar Card usage on Facts – Impersonation of Army personnel’s Aadhar ID: Kamle Vinayak. The seller is telling people to buy furniture and electrical appliances. He immediately asked where am I located? He stated the same city! Fraud seller: Transfer money and products will be delivered using army transport to the buyer’s address. Any deposit amount will do. No Fix Rate! The total amount for a Samsung LED 42 INCH TV, Fridge, Washing Machine, Double Bed, Dining Table, and AC was Rs 53000, and get a bicycle free! He said he works as GSN (he meant NSG written on the army uniform shoulder) in the cargo/ammunition (he kept changing departments) department of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Airport. I asked for bank details, he said he will give the office bank details. I said my friend is at the airport and will visit him to confirm and pay at the airport. He denied and started verbal abuse and spreading the phone number I used to call him.